Grass grates



Plastic grass paving, plastic grass grates

Grass grates - "ECO GREEN" tiles... the end of asphalt areas in Czechia


They are intended for grassing parking areas, driveways to garages, sports, exhibition and similar areas. By using "ECO GREEN" tiles, you protect the environment.

Advantages: low weight, hight load capacity, quick and easy laying, hight percentage of grass coverage, resistance to temperature fluctuations, stabilized against UV radiation. 

The method of placing tiles:

  • Pour approx. 10 cm of gravel on the substrate, if the tile will not be excessively loaded (e.g. cars), it is enough to kick up the sod, tamp down and level the sand. 
  • Pour 2-3 cm of sand between the gravel and the tile and level it. 
  • Place the tiles together and step vertically down, the locks engage and the tiles are connected. 
  • We pour the tiles with a mixture of soil and sand in a ration of 1:1 and sow grass, after they have settled, we sprinkle them once more, mow with ordinary means. 


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