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In 2008, MART v.o.s. established a subsidiary, MART-PLASTIC s.r.o., which is the commercial arm of the parent company. This firm is able to provide its customers with greater convenience when selling products, including replacement filling. Contacts remain the same as MART v.o.s.

The company was founded in 1991 and its main production programme is products made of plastics produced by injection moulding technology on presses up to a weight of 1 kg with a closing force of up to 400 tonnes. 


Plastic grass grates, cups, buckets and other plastic products 

The wearable production programme is plastic grates, cups and buckets for food, chemical, construction and other industries in a very wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. Our advantage is low prices, weekly delivery throughout the country and, if necessary, an immediate response to the customer's needs.

We also offer spare production capacity, co-operation, joint venture, possibility and assembly under very favourable conditions. We offer production including making moulds according to your requirements.

  • Production on supplied molds.
  • Cooperation on desing products.
  • Mould construciton.


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